One of my favorite Entourage scene / Ari Gold’s monologue.

OK yes. If I could gouge out Terrance McQuewick’s eyeballs and eat them for what he did to me I would. And I would sell that Benedict Arnold Adam Davies into white slavery if we lived in a market that would allow it. AND LLOYD? That little queen! Who I welcomed into my home and allowed him to play with my children and care for my dog, for leaving me to work for those two scumbags, I would tie him up and would allow the entire Screen Actors Guild to anally rape him if not for the fact that I think he would enjoy it. I want, no, I NEED this company because it’s good business. It’s good god damn business. If I don’t buy this business someone else will, and that will be very, very bad for my business. And my wife of all people should know that when it comes to business my judgement is never clouded. So please support me and I will deliver us like I always have.¬†

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The Tao of Pooh: Benjamin Hoff: 9780140067477: Books

I saw Belle holding this book in the previous video. I feel like this would be a good read.

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